Despite these uncertain times, Relicomp Oy in Kurikka, Finland has recently made a number of bold investments. A few years ago, the company acquired the country’s largest press in its size class. This year, it invested in a new Combi Genius machine from Prima Power, with a 4-kW fiber resonator.

“We have invested at least 1 MEUR annually in equipment and solutions, and we plan to maintain this bold investment policy going forward,” states Relicomp CEO Marko Jyllilä.

Describing his company’s investment stance, Jyllilä explains, “Compared to our competitors’, we really do invest a lot for a company of our size. Each investment is an investment in quality and greater versatility of our services.”

Prima Power sells its devices to about 80 countries around the world. Currently, Finland has roughly a 5% share of its worldwide sales in machine tools. The bulk of its customers in Finland operate in the southern part of the country, but it has customers from its home region as well.

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