The roots of Mittametalli Oy, founded in 2012, go back more than forty years, when the company's main Owner and Director Jari Kolehmainen, started working at his father's company Lankapaja. The father knew that by giving him the right amount of power and responsibility, he would get the boy “hooked” and interested in the field.
During his long work history, Kolehmainen has had time to see and do all sorts of things, but he continues to be humble and enthusiastic about his work.

"The world will never be ready. There is a lot of work to do and new things to invent. You just have to realize them", Kolehmainen says.


Today, Mittametalli, based in Heinola, Finland, employs 50 people. The company's customer base consists of the maritime, construction, furniture and carpentry industries, as well as the healthcare sector and machine and equipment construction industries. Anything can be manufactured for the customer under contract, both individual components and larger entities.

A strong cooperation network ensures that everything can be done. The company also offers a design service, whereby the manufacture of products is carried out in the best possible way.

"Any product can be manufactured on a turnkey basis, from design to finished product."

Mittametalli’s strengths are method and design knowledge, as well as a versatile machine base. Often, customers' projects turn out to be more cost-effective than they had originally thought they could be.
The company employs four full-time designers who use Solid Works software. The equipment base with combi and laser machines, flat and tube lasers, welding robots, and track painters, form a versatile entity with almost limitless manufacturing possibilities.

"Product ideas spring from long experience and curiosity as well as crossing various existing solutions. Even with this experience, we must note that there are still new insights coming up almost weekly,” explains Kolehmainen.

"The key to success is a strong cooperation network. Cooperation creates joint opportunities to be able to manage even in customer relationships where neither company can manage on its own. Cooperation makes it possible to deliver larger and larger entities together. Networking brings benefits to everyone."


Mittametalli invested in Prima Power's Platino 1530 EVO 2D laser combined with a Compact Server sheet automation device. There is also a third pallet station in the equipment set for manual loading and unloading. The new equipment also brought changes to the production layout and the workflow could be rationalized.

The company has trusted Prima Power machines before, and working with the combined machine and a press brake has made Prima Power's equipment and software familiar.

"Familiarity with Prima Power’s machines and programming and previous positive experiences with Prima Power's products and services made the choice easy. Our latest acquisition is a 6kW Platino EVO 2D flat laser with combined loading and unloading automation. The third pallet station makes the machine more versatile and the “in between runs” of the minor series easy", Kolehmainen says. "The investment decision was sealed by the good price vs. quality ratio of the machine. The cooperation with Prima Power has worked out great and the maintenance services work really well. The guys from Prima Power will show up if needed and you will get expert help from them. It is also good that support can be received in Finnish and the maintenance network is close.”

Mittametalli is optimistic about the future. The company has grown throughout its life and the same line continues. The goal is to further automate production and the flow of information and improve the efficiency of internal logistics.

The cooperation with Prima Power has worked out great and the maintenance services work really well. The guys from Prima Power will show up if needed and you will get expert help from them

Jari Kolehmainen
Owner and Director

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