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Small footprint; save time, money and nature!


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Easy to place in every facility


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Vast loading and unloading possibilities

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Uninterrupted machine run during material changes

Compact Express is a fully automated material handling device. The placing of the automatic loading and unloading unit makes it possible to use several combinations of automatic and manual loading and unloading cycles. The manual loading table is free for use for manual operation.

Raw material can be added and unloaded sheets removed while the machine continues to operate.

Compact Express is available for several machine models and different sheet formats.

  • One machine side always available for manual loading and unloading
  • Sheet separation magnets, air blow and corner lifter on loader gripper to separate sheets
  • Several suction cups and suction areas to ensure a good grip for different sheet sizes
  • Sheet measuring device to detect double sheets on gripper
  • Sheet centering to ensure correct positioning of the sheet
  • Fast loader axis with inverter driven electric motor with brake
  • Several combinations of manual and automatic operations

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