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Excellent bending quality thanks to the angle correction database and servo-electric technology

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Maximum comfort for the operator thanks to the lack of physical barriers and work surfaces that can be lowered to facilitate the loading of small or medium-sized parts


Equipped with two safety light curtains that monitor the loading and unloading area, ensuring operations are performed in absolute safety


Reduced footprint to fit all kinds of environments

The BCe Sharp is the new entry-level panel bender from Prima Power. Based on the same technological platform of the BCe Smart, with less options, it offers all the benefits of the panel bender with a more affordable price.

New solutions, like the redesigned control panel, are combined with the well-known ergonomics features in order to achieve a great productivity with a very compact layout and best cost-per-part.

The operator has only to load blanks and unload finished components while the BCe Sharp takes care of the rest!


BCe Sharp

Maximum bending length

2,250 mm

Maximum sheet length

2,850 mm

Maximum sheet width

1,500 mm

Maximum panel diagonal

3,000 mm

Maximum bend height

204 mm

Maximum re-entering bend

55 mm

Bending force

32 t (320 kN)

Clamping force

52 t (510 kN)

Max. thickness, Steel UTS 410 N/mm2

2.5 mm *

3.0 mm **

Max. thickness, Stainless steel UTS 680 N/mm2

1.8 mm *

2.0 mm **

Max. thickness, Aluminium UTS 265 N/mm2

3.5 mm *

4.0 mm **

Minimum thickness

0.5 mm

Average absorbed power

4 kWh


The values shown refer to a standard machine. Prima Power reserves the right to change data without notice.

*Full length - **Max. 1,900 mm

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