Salo says the visit confirmed that the decision of investment in Prima Power has been the right one.

"We wanted to see what the machine is capable of and what its limits are. The tests also confirmed the ability of the machine to cut burrless 6 mm copper, which we use in electrical conductors, for example. Initially, the discussion started on 1kW fiber, but after discussions the cutting power was upgraded to 3kW, which is better suited for our purpose.

"This machine investment will be the missing piece we have needed for a long time. In recent years, we have been determined to push a strategy whereby our company offers customers a more versatile and wider package under one roof, mechanics as finished products with surface treatment. The sheet metal side has needed an update to make us even more credible. Now we can offer both punching and laser cutting for sheet-like products alongside the already existing water cutting".


Laitila Coating already owns two turret punch presses, but now became the need specifically for a machine that combines punching and laser technology.

"We want to serve customers comprehensively and our view is that in the future there will be a need for more flexible technology. Punching alone would not have met all of our needs. However, punching will continue to be our main method, guaranteeing efficiency and speed. Laser cutting, as an addition, also helps us offer a wider service in the manufacture of sheet-like pieces", says Salo.

"During our visit, we also received good examples of the benefits of a combined machine. For example, when the initial hole of the laser cut shape could be made by punching, no trace was created at the starting point of lasering. This, for example, is very important for parts where the quality requirement is very high and, as known, the importance of quality is constantly increasing. As a whole, the speed and quality of service play a critical role in what we do today, and therefore it made sense to invest in a flexible high-tech combined machine. Extensive manufacturing technologies with surface treatments guarantee us a good competitive position in the market."


The investment had almost been realized with another solution. Managing Director Salo says that the company was lucky in the journey that the paths crossed with Prima Power.

"We were very positively surprised by Prima Power's approach to take up the matter and move the process forward. Right from the start, we found knowledge, enthusiasm, desire and ability to find solutions exactly for our needs", Salo praises.

"After many twists and turns, we decided to invest in the Combi Sharp combined machine from Prima Power. We are very impressed with the professional approach and the quality service we received. This seemed like the right solution and the feeling of this has only become stronger. I can say that the solution made was the right one".

The work situation in Laitila has grown steadily and the near future also looks very promising, despite the unfortunate corona situation. So it is clear that the current situation will affect the future. Laitila Coating now focuses only on what it can influence.

"We had decided to invest and therefore the investment had to be made, no matter what happened. We know that our company's service capability and efficiency will improve, and we have all the conditions to do well in the market. We want to grow profitably and continue to invest as much as possible. We have also launched an approx. 1000 m expansion with current and future investments in mind, ensuring our position in a challenging market.

" We will continue to be a credible and significant partner in sheet metal work, alongside the former busbar production. In my opinion, there are two companies in Finland where the role of surface treatment in the creation of the brand is very large. These companies are Oras and Abloy. However, neither company sells the surface treatment outside. On the other hand, we also offer high-quality surface treatment subcontracting. We have set our goal to be the “Oras” of mechanical contract manufacturing in Finland, Salo sums up".

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