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The CHINT Group was founded in 1992 and is located in LeQing City, in the Zhejiang Province. During its 30 years’ development, CHINT has always been focused on its core businesses and has played a leading role for other Chinese industries as a high-tech manufacturer across the entire industrial electrical supply chain, encompassing power generation, storage, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization. With annual sales for more than 50 billion renminbi (over 6.5 billion euro), today CHINT is a global leader in industrial electric equipment and new energy. 

“The Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Branch is a subsidiary of the CHINT Group,” explains Sheng Lidong, Technical Supervisor of the Production Department. “We are engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of integrated switchgear ranges between 6kV and 35kV. The product series includes KYN28A, KYN61, XGN2, XGN77 and XGN15 which are widely used in major public projects such as the state grid, airports, the construction of urban rail transit systems, the petrochemical industry and data centers. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, including Russia, Australia, India and Vietnam.”

“With the huge revolution of the industrial structure, process automation has become of the utmost importance for us, in order to increase uptime, efficiency and quality. Therefore, we need machines with a higher level of automation and higher processing precision, also featuring detection functions to ensure the quality of our products.”

CHINT Group product

A Prima Power LPBB line for top automation

“We have been cooperating with Prima Power since 2012,” continues Sheng Lidong. “The machines we have all share a very high level of automation and efficiency, from the very first standalone E5x model punch machine we purchased, to the most recent Prima Power LPBB line that offers laser cutting, punching, buffering and bending all in one. This allows us to maximize production capacity, ensure the longest operating time, and finally achieve the goal of unattended production, where human labor is dedicated to more complex tasks.”.”

The highly automated Prima Power LPBB line at the CHINT site includes one servo-electric punching and fiber laser-cutting Combi Genius CG1225 equipped with 3,000-W fiber laser CF 3000, an intelligent storage system for up to 40 meters in length, an automatic sorting unit with 9 pallets for small laser-cut parts sorting, an LD + LST automatic loading, stacking and unloading system for large workpieces, a servo-electric Panel Bender EBe2720 with PCD wagon (for external parts feed in), a BTD (automatic part turning device) and two strong automatic trolleys. To top it off, there is also a USS system used for stacking bent parts with a maximum work range of 2,720 millimeters.

Integrated, flexible, and easy to use

The LPBB flexible manufacturing system installed at CHINT offers outstanding productivity resulting from Prima Power’s modular technology and intelligent material flow management. The compact LPBB line processes blank sheets into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically.

The sheet metal manufacturing system integrates versatile servo-electric punching, flexible and efficient fiber laser cutting, high-quality servo-electric bending, automatic intelligent part handling, and sophisticated software. It is everything CHINT needs to meet the very limited reaction times expected in modern production, where machines have to be flexible and extremely fast to quickly respond to production orders, often for very small quantities. 

The combination of laser cutting and punching in a single system is also the source of a variety of benefits for the final customer. When there is a rush order, or a test series to prove delivery capacity, the laser is often able to provide the best solution to the challenge. On the other hand, in case of longer series, punching adds manufacturing speed and cost efficiency, allowing for versatile forming, for example, and providing a competitive edge that cannot be matched by individual laser or punching machines.

Even if the LPBB line is suitable for complex manufacturing, it is extremely easy to operate and features minimal set-up times. The information flow is totally transparent and fully automatic from programming to production reporting.

The secret to long-term customer satisfaction

The technical specifications meet CHINT’s needs to perfection. But Prima Power is happy to do even more: putting integration, flexibility, and automation in clients’ hands is only the beginning. “We are very grateful to Prima Power engineers for their direct effort on the site,” concludes Sheng Lidong. “They are working incredibly hard and have helped us iron out any issues. The sales department is also very active in responding to any requirements, and have always been fully available to listen and support us.” As always, while being able to provide cutting-edge technology that meets the needs of modern manufacturing is crucial, believing in the value of solid relationships based on trust and human connection, and approaching work with a true partnership mindset, is what makes the difference in long-term customer satisfaction, anywhere in the world.


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The machines we have all share a very high level of automation and efficiency. This allows us to maximize production capacity, ensure the longest operating time, and finally achieve the goal of unattended production, where human labor is dedicated to more complex tasks.

Sheng Lidong
Technical Supervisor of the Production Department

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