Following the fourth industrial revolution digitization trend and focusing on connectivity and interaction between machines, people, and processes, Prima Power is improving operational efficiency, connecting machines to a single platform, enabling seamless production information flow, and maximizing machine performance.

Prima Power is driving the next industrial revolution as a provider of Industry 4.0 sheet metal manufacturing solutions enabling smart industrial production. With cutting-edge technology and expertise, we incorporate Industry 4.0 insights into our products to solve the latest manufacturing challenges and meet your needs.

To help you fully capture the experience of Industry 4.0 and unleash the business potential of digital manufacturing, Prima Power has built a unique Industry 4.0 solution offering in three key areas: Smart Machines & Factories, Smart Software, and Smart Remote Care.

Real-time and historical parameter data collected through sensors and cameras.

Seamless production information flow, connectivity to ERP and MES through storing machine-generated data in the cloud.

Machine data-driven analytics and predictive maintenance services.


Prima Power Smart Machines

Prima Power Smart Machines and automated factories are collecting real-time and historical parameter data through sensors and cameras to maximize machine performance, enhance efficiency and flexibility.

Smart Machines and Factories are tailored and customized solutions fulfilling your application needs.

All Prima Power laser and sheet metal processing machines are “Industry 4.0 Inside”:

  • Automated and unmanned production
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Tailored and customized solutions

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Prima Power Industry 4.0 - Smart machines


Prima Power Smart Software

Prima Power Smart Software family is a comprehensive portfolio of modular software-based systems enabling seamless production information flow, connectivity to ERP and MES through storing machine-generated data in the cloud.

Smart Software is connecting machines, controlling the entire production flow and creating an automated process from order to delivery.

  • Optimization of production planning
  • Connectivity to ERP and MES
  • Seamless information flow
  • Intelligent RAM & powerful nesting module

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Prima Power Industry 4.0 - Smart software


Prima Power Smart Remote Care

Prima Power Smart Remote Care is data-driven analytics and predictive maintenance service extracting valuable insights from machine-generated data. Prima Power's concept of remote monitoring and diagnostics is based on the analysis of the operational data collected from the equipment which is online connected to Prima Power cloud. Online connectivity and remote access to your equipment for online support speed up the troubleshooting and minimizes your need for on-site maintenance.

Remote Care improves machine availability, takes care of your production performance analysis, and monitors machine status and condition to ensure that machine running performance is as high as possible.

Overview of Remote Care features and benefits:

  • Improved machine availability
  • Reduced machine downtime due to fast remote diagnostics
  • Real-time analytics and online fault diagnosis
  • Predictive and pre-emptive maintenance

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Prima Power Industry 4.0 - Smart Remote Care


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