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If metal furniture was traditionally bought for factories and offices, today it is increasingly being used in places such as schools, hospitals, and gyms, where efficient, well organized spaces are needed. The modern trends meet the use of pre-finished, high-quality materials, which respond to the need of a contemporary design and innovative aesthetic standards, as well as of lockers, which are located in easily accessible public spaces and can be used for courier delivery.

We are well aware of the main need in this sector: high productivity combined with very high quality parts.

The metal furniture sector also has a growing need for production volume flexibility and freedom of design, with a consequent demand for highly versatile production tools.

Another typical aspect of this sector is the wide use of pre-painted materials.


Efficient on their own and unbeatable when integrated into a system, our machines enable rapid product switching.


We customise our machines to your actual needs.


Smart machines, equipped with software, are the perfect allies to design your production.


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Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the most widespread machines in this sector, especially among small and medium-sized businesses as they allow extreme flexibility as well as an excellent cost efficiency ratio.

Our combined punching-shearing systems allow for maximum flexibility and productivity with exceptional material savings.

Our panel benders are widely used for manufacturing metal furniture components because they suit the part dimensions, gauge, volumes, and batches typical of the steel furnishing industry.​​

Our PSBB (short for punching, right-angle shearing, buffering and bending) is a fully automated manufacturing line for processing raw sheets from packs or directly from coils into pre-bent, high-quality sheet metal components. It is the perfect solution for lights-out production for even the most complex components from a variety of materials that can be managed automatically.

The use of 2D laser technology offers flexibility in terms of component shape, lot size, and design freedom. There is virtually no limit to the shapes that can be made with the laser.​​

The flexibility of the punch-laser combination is a winning feature when you require different processing technologies.

Our 3D laser machines are also used to customize standard profiles in small batches or even as a single piece. The flexibility of the laser is a winning feature when it comes to customizing products after the forming process, as there is a significant level of low-cost personalization with very high accuracy.

The wide range of Prima Power automation modules combines high productivity with flexibility and can be gradually integrated as production needs grow.

Our range of services complements our advanced technology and is the key to increasing productivity and profit.

All our products are designed and developed based on the "Green Means concept" which brings together productivity and eco-compatibility.

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Behind every component there is a Prima Power machine

  • all sheet metal parts and panels can be processed with our machines
  • customised profiles

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