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Rapid industrialization, urbanization, improving standards of living have catalysed the development of modern infrastructure have increased, and will continue to increase in the future, the demand for Air Conditioner equipment, escalating the sales worldwide.

The HVAC industry is characterised by high volume production, even with low volume batches or even with single pieces. Combining productivity and flexibility is the main challenge of this sector.

Demand is increasing due to energy saving programs in the construction sector and the diversification of the product range.

The variety of materials used (e.g. galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel) requires very flexible systems to carry out the processing.

In this sector, quality is also a fundamental requirement. Products need to be tested and certified, so all systems involved in the manufacturing process need to be accurate and repeatable. Furthermore, subsequent machining must be avoided to increase productivity.

Most projects are cost-sensitive and therefore low operating, maintenance and labour costs, as well as reducing material waste, play a key role in the choice of systems to use.


We know that all systems involved in the manufacturing process need to be accurate and repeatable.


We customise our machines to your actual needs.


We are by your side through the design of your production, whatever it is.


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Our family of systems covers the main processes involved in the production of HVAC systems: cutting, punching, forming, drilling, shearing, bending and welding. One single supplier means better process integration, more efficient material flow, greater ease of use of systems and better investments.

Our systems have been designed for flexibility: our punching machines can use a large number of different tools, integrated punch-shear systems allow you to process even diversified parts with a single machine, fibre laser cutting systems (alone or combined with punching systems) are ideal for thin gauges and highly reflective materials typical of this sector.

Our systems are suitable for both high volumes and small batch productions, depending on your needs: avoid overproduction, reduce finished parts stock and obtain "just in time" production.

Our efficient and versatile nesting programs enable maximum sheet metal utilisation, fast component separation and shorter cycle times.

Our panel benders are an excellent solution for processing components in HVAC products because they meet demands in terms of piece size, thickness, volume and batches.

The high quality of the components created with our machines eliminates subsequent processing, such as deburring, and also reduces assembly times.

In practice, there is virtually no limit to the complexity of the components you can make with our machines.

Our laser machines can make tubes and profiles using a rotating axis. The seam obtained with our laser head is thin and precise, and control of the penetration depth is very accurate. This means you can obtain robust and watertight welds with uniform characteristics, which means you can hydroform with pressurised oil and create channels for the circulation of water in a heat exchanger.

All of our systems feature minimal set-up times and enable unattended production.

Our wide range of automation modules enable highly efficient and flexible material flow and production without the need for supervision. These modules can also be added later, as budgets and production needs increase.

Our systems allow you to produce responsibly: more components at a lower cost, whilst respecting the environment with the Green Means approach.

Our services are an integral part of the product offering, because they guarantee maximum availability and exploitation of your production capacity, as well as allowing future development.

Application examples

Behind each component is a Prima Power machine

  • sandwich panels
  • covers
  • grids
  • ducts
  • heat exchangers

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