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Available farmland will only increase by 5%, while the world population will grow by 40% in 2050 to 9.6 billion. New technologies such as precision farming, GPS-enabled tractors, and devices to monitor individual crops, will contribute to the production of 70% more goods than today.

The main requirements of this sector are high productivity and flexibility, given the variety of models that must be produced. Our experience makes us aware that production systems must guarantee the highest standards of reliability while also being suitable for series production.

In general, the components required are medium to large, highly customized, and vary in thickness depending on whether they are structural or body components.


We are familiar with the agricultural and earthmoving machinery industry.​​





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Our machines produce components with extremely flexible thicknesses and dimensions.




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Prima Power machines can be used to manufacture framework and body parts, since they are flexible in terms of size and thickness of the parts to be made.

Our press brakes and automatic press brakes provide complete solutions for any type of bending on both thick and thin materials. They offer high bending precision and repeatability, allowing the creation of even the most complex bending profiles.

Our servo-electric laser-punch machines with an outstanding punching force grants high repeatability on pieces of any shape in combination with laser cutting.

Our 2D laser machines equipped with automation systems are suitable for the continuous production, 24/7, of two-dimensional parts for both cabins and framework components. In particular, Laser Genius+ is available up to 2060 size and can be equipped with laser generator up to 15kW making it the ideal solution for heavy duty 2D laser processing.

Laser Next 2141, our 3D fibre laser machine, for the processing of large pieces combines a very large work volume with a reduced footprint; it is ideal for making large bodywork elements of trucks, even in masked time, thanks to the Split Cabin (configurations with Turn Table and Moveable Tables, both with manual or automatic movement are available).

Long and very long parts can be machined with the MAXIMO, our laser machine that moves along rails on a table up to 36m long.

A wide range of automation modules is available to meet all your production needs.

Our services cover all stages of the product life cycle, and ensure maximum productivity of your production facility.

All our products are designed and developed according to the “Green Means” concept: they are productive and environmentally friendly at the same time.​​

Application examples

Behind each component there is a Prima Power machine

  • Covers, roofs, and bodywork
  • Body parts with large dimensions and reduced thickness
  • Framework and chassis with medium and high thickness
  • Hoods and panels
  • Bumpers
  • Cabins
  • Long square or rectangular tubes with relatively high thickness
  • Large truck body parts with reduced thickness
  • Chassis parts
  • Trailer truck chassis beams

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