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The demand for commercial and residential buildings, as well as infrastructure, is growing due to an increase in the global population and the concentrations of people choosing to live in big cities. This has a big impact on offices and other public places where people gather.

Sheet metal component manufacturing for this sector is characterized by high productivity, even with medium and small batches, short lead times and great flexibility. A wide range of models and tailor-made products characterize the commercial and industrial lighting industry. And Prima Power turns out to be the ideal partner, as it ensures high-quality components and the ability to produce complex parts to meet designers' requirements.

We know that the range of materials used is vast and parts are typically medium or small-sized with reduced thickness. Other important aspects in this sector include being able to machine materials with very high aesthetic requirements (e.g. pre-painted stainless steels and Super Mirror, etc.), being able to easily obtain complex and variable shapes, and the efficient use of material.


Our machines allow you to produce components at high speeds.



We customise our machines to your actual needs.


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We guarantee the high precision required by the design and finer gauges.



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Our products are designed to achieve maximum flexibility: quick and easy production changes, product customisation, creation of complex profiles, freedom in product design, no complexity limits on profiles, dimensions, or customization.

Ability to reduce parts and secondary operations (welding, riveting, etc.) with high precision and repeatability: there is no waste; assembly is easier because the components fit together perfectly; the high quality and uniformity between the parts are obtained without the need for further operations.

Our machines offer you very high efficiency in nesting, with less waste and greater productivity.

Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the most widespread machines in this sector, especially among small and medium-sized businesses, as they allow extreme flexibility as well as an excellent cost efficiency ratio.

Our line of 2D and 3D laser machines for cutting and welding will give you all the advantages and flexibility you would expect combined with high quality results and productivity.​​

We also have a wide range of material flow automation solutions available, which can be integrated step by step.​

Our systems allow us to produce responsibly: more parts at a lower cost, whilst respecting the environment with the Green Means approach.

Our services are an integral part of the product offering, because they guarantee maximum availability and exploitation of the plant's production capacity, as well as allowing its future development.

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