Customized turret design allows up to 384 standard or 128 index tools for active use.



Small floor space needed


Manufacturing cell can be equipped with automation solutions to achieve unattended production.




Vertically moving brushes prevent the scratching of sensitive materials.


Prima Power Punch Sharp offers state-of-the art in servo-electric punching technology, based on pioneering experience, in an eminently flexible and affordable package. The genius of servo-electric punching is how it combines energy saving and ergonomics with superb accuracy and productivity. Punch Sharp has been designed to offer versatile capacity made easy to utilize; machine control and user interface software with touch screen panel ensure fast setup and convenient operation.

Prima Power's ECOPUNCH® concept is an astonishing money saver in terms of energy consumption. Compared to traditional method Prima Power can produce more parts at the same energy.

Easy loading solutions.

Lifting brushes for extra protection of sensitive material surfaces.

Pneumatic central clamp locking system and Programmable Clamp Setting (PCS).

Accurate punching movement - excellent forming and marking capability.

Lifting die - Excellent upforming capability.

With Pure Performance max. punching speed 700 hpm or max. punching force 23 tons.

With optional Dynamic Performance punching speed 900 hpm or max. punching force 25 tons.

Fully programmable punching speed, upper and lower limit of stroke.


The large number of tools with Prima Power punching machines

results from a set of technical features which is not

available from any other manufacturer:

• Two turret construction alternatives: 16 and 20 stations

• Multi-Tools®

• A vast variety of special tools

• Rotating Auto-Index system

Three models PS1225, PS1530 and PS1540

  • Max sheet size
    PS1225: 2,530 mm x 1,270 mm
    PS1530: 3,074 mm x 1,565 mm
    PS1540: 4,300 mm x 1,565 mm
  • Max. sheet thickness: 8 mm
  • Max. tools in turret / index tools:
    16 station 384/128
    20 station 280/80
  • Positioning speed, max. 108 m/min
  • Index tool rotation speed: 133 rpm

The Sharp series has also optional Dynamic performance to offer better productivity.

  • Ram force, max. 170 kN, 200 kN or 230 kN
    PS Dynamic: 250 kN
  • Hit speed, max. 700 hpm
    PS Dynamic: 900 hpm

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