1. Unmatched precision with an accuracy of +/- 0.012 mm (0.0005 inch) (1), combined with repeatability for high-value components.
  2. Highly specialized and flexible solutions, offering over one million machine configurations (2).
  3. Setting standards in laser drilling and welding with more than 50 certified applications⁽³⁾ particularly in highly demanding industries such as aerospace, space economy and energy

(1) Equal to +/- 0.0005 inch. Precision tested to ISO 230-2. (2) Calculated with the number of options available.
(3) Related to production engine programs in the mentioned industries.


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LASERDYNE® offers advanced technology and expertise in high-performance welding processes tailored for various industries, including aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Our capabilities equip you with exceptional control for all your welding applications, ensuring reliable results and meeting the stringent demands of your industry.

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You can trust LASERDYNE® as your go-to provider for laser drilling solutions renowned for precision and versatility. With our advanced laser technology, you can create micro to macro-sized holes in a variety of materials with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.

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With LASERDYNE® cutting capabilities, you can leverage precise and versatile laser cutting processes. These techniques are applicable to a variety of materials, including metals and ceramics. Achieve intricate and fine-detail cuts with minimal heat-affected zones, ensuring exceptional precision and quality in your projects.

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