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A single machine that supports 2D and 3D applications for welding, drilling, and cutting components. The BeamDirector® and quick change nozzles enable changing from one laser process to another. The machine supports 3 to 7+ axes of simultaneous motion.


Fully tested and validated for laser welding, drilling, and cutting. The machine encompasses over 40 years of engineering and industrial laser processing expertise. LASERDYNE® has a strong reputation for consistently and quickly manufacturing quality components.


Shorter cycle times. Higher overall equipment efficiency due to reduced downtime and maintenance. Less resources are dedicated to maintaining the machines. More efficient use of floor space for the total working envelope of the machine.

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Highly precise and repeatable performance yields quality parts and subassemblies for welding, cutting, and drilling. The S94P controller and motion system provide a complete and real-time control of the laser processes.


Laser Processing Expertise

Prima Power Laserdyne has the LASERDYNE Application Group™ whose purpose is to help the customer define an efficient laser process by using the capabilities of the machine through testing, parameter development, and fixture design and encompasses over 40 yrs. of laser process experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Remote Phone Support

Remote phone support for the LASERDYNE® 811 system 24/7, 365 days a year. The service technician will try to diagnose and fix the issue remotely. If the issue is not able to be resolved over the phone, the service technician will start the process for follow-on support and activities.


The LASERDYNE® 811 provides the best value on the market for precision laser processing. Improved performance and built in SmartTechniques™ are designed for fast, efficient, and reliable precision laser processing providing quality parts from start to finish.

The LASERDYNE® 811 is an innovative laser processing system designed to meet the demands of today's challenging laser welding, drilling, and cutting applications. It offers precision and efficiency making it suitable for small to medium 3D parts. The system's unique moving beam motion system ensures high-speed operation without compromising mechanical accuracy, guaranteeing volumetric accuracy and seamless integration with various automation solutions. It accepts a wide variety of industrial lasers for processing common materials and specialized metals, composites, and other advanced materials, catering to industries that prioritize precision, quality, and efficiency.

The LASERDYNE® 811 is a turnkey system that maximizes floor space efficiency and is designed to consistently produce high-quality parts for many years. It is widely used in medical, aerospace, turbine engine, automotive, and general manufacturing industries.

Prima Power LASERDYNE, with over 40 years of experience, is known for producing the highest precision laser machining systems. The LASERDYNE® 811, the newest addition to the LASERDYNE product line, comes with the LASERDYNE S94P laser process controller, offering programming flexibility and process capabilities.

The LASERDYNE® 811 is prepared for the next generation of manufacturing and factory. It utilizes MTConnect® for streaming system and process parameters, providing real-time information to the facility or operations management system. The system also offers SPC Data Acquisition to support quality control requirements of the process.

Prima Power LASERDYNE’s third generation BeamDirector® stands out from other 3D systems due to its unique features. It offers a full 5-axis range of motion, allowing processing within the entire work envelope, and provides unparalleled access to hard-to-reach parts, capable of processing shallow angles up to 10° to the surface for the entire 43.5 inches (1100 mm) of the Z-axis.

The LASERDYNE® 811 is distinctive with its large, front automated door and two side doors, providing ergonomic accessibility for safe entry into the enclosure. Additionally, it offers an option for an automated front turntable to expedite processing for small part components. LED colored lights near the top of the enclosure indicate the system status, and a system status light is located on top of the large display screen console.

X axis: 1,100 mm (43.5 in)
Y axis: 800 mm (31.5 in)
Z axis: 600 mm (24 in)
BeamDirector® 900 degrees continuous motion in C axis
300 degrees continuous motion in D axis (±150° from vertical)

X-Y and Z: > 50 m/min
BeamDirector®: 0-135 rpm
Rotary/Tilt Axes: Variable: depends on the model ordered.

X, Y, and Z: 1.2 g on each axis
BeamDirector® 87 rads/sec2

X,Y, and Z axis = +/- 0.012 mm (0.0005 in)
BeamDirector® = +/- 15 arcsec
Rotary/Tilt Axes: variety of options available

X,Y, and Z axis = 0.025 mm (0.001 in)
BeamDirector® = 15 arcsec
Rotary/Tilt Axes: variety of options available

Laser source
Fiber CW: up to 6000 W
Fiber QCW: 6000 W – 23000 W

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