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Panel Benders

In panel benders, the bending work is done by the blades, while the sheet press holds the sheet in place during the operation. The blades can then perform different types of folds, upwards or downwards, starting with the outermost folds of a side, before automatically executing the sequence towards the innermost fold. All of these movements are controlled by electric servo drives that guarantee maximum positioning accuracy in the bending trajectory, thus ensuring an optimal result.

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A wide range of bending solutions to meet all the different production requirements.Prima Power’s Panel Bender range meets offers extremely flexible solutions, with servo-electric semi-automatic or fully automatic machines configured as stand- alone cells or multi-technology lines.

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Press Brakes

In press brakes, most bending parts are produced using different bending methods: air, bottom or folding and hemming. No matter the method, they all work the same: a punch tool and a die are set at predetermined angles to bend or cut metal into a variety of shapes and forms.

The basic principle of press brake forming relies on force, otherwise known as tonnage. This determines the total amount of pressure that can be applied by the punch during a bend. The higher tonnage, the thicker the materials that can be bent and vice versa.

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Prima Power’s wide range of press brakes includes servo-electric (eP series) as well as hydraulic (hP series) bending machines.

While the eP series press brakes have the advantages of high acceleration and deceleration and fast response times of the servo-electric drive system, the hP series press brakes are the perfect combination of strength and versatility of hydraulic technology. ​​

All our press brakes are extremely flexible and can be customized according to customer needs.​

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Robotic Bending Cells

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Thinking about Robotic Bending Cells two words come to mind: configurability and modularity.

Prima Power can offer different solutions integrating its Panel Benders and Press Brakes with an anthropomorphic robot that is equipped with further devices in order to handle the material or to support the bending.

The robotics solution offered by Prima Power allows a high level of integration and automation for programming (offline CAM), connection to ERP production management and planning, and feedback and reporting in line with Industry 4.0 requirements.

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