Thank to our worldwide service, we will support you wherever you are. Our worldwide service network consists of almost 40 subsidiaries and dealers that cover different areas and provide technical support, training, service intervention and spare parts. 

The heart of Prima Power Service is a target we share with the customer: commissioning, maintaining and developing manufacturing capacity, and ensuring that maximum use can be made of it.

Phone and remote support 

Quick and professional: a team of engineers, with skills on all technologies and their applications, is always ready to support you fast and accurately; thanks to remote connection all critical issues can be managed efficiently.

Worldwide: wherever you are one of our 40 service centers is available for you and will satisfy your needs.

Your satisfaction is our target.


It is possible to download the software for remote support at the following links




Service intervention 

If it is necessary to replace a spare part of machine, very soon a service engineers will be at your plant to restart the production of your machine.

Our purpose is to intervene directly and speedily for maximizing uptime and manufacturing efficiency.

More than 400 highly professional service engineers in every part of the world.

Tech support escalation/Strong factory tech support 

For extremely complex cases, Prima Power set up the "tech support escalation" that involves immediaely the most proper skilled team to get the best solution in the shortest possible time. 

Senior specialized engineers teams:

  • 2D Laser Machines team
  • 3D Laser Machines team
  • Combi Laser Machines team
  • Punch and Shear Machines team
  • Panel Bender Machines team
  • Press Brake Machines team
  • Systems and Automations team
  • Laser source team
  • Software and CAD CAM teams
  • Application teams

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