A modern sheet metal working machine can be upgraded with new features and functions during its long lifetime. Prima Power's modular design philosophy enables numerous solutions to optimize performance and versatility while increasing the level of automation, as well as ensuring that machines or production systems can be upgraded even years after the original installation (subject to individual case analysis).​​

With the integration of new capabilities to the production technology already in use, even more diversified production activities can be met, offering increased productivity. Planning and implementation of such possibilities is an essential part of Prima Power's services.​

  • Updating machine to the latest generation 
  • Increasing productivity
  • Enhancing features
  • Industry 4.0 (Smart manufacturing) 
  • Extended lifetime

Standard and Tailored solutions

Standard machine upgrades: options that the customer can select during negotiations for the purchase of a new machine. These types of upgrades are also available after delivery.

Customized machine upgrades: options that were not available for the machine at the time of purchase. In this case, Prima Power can study a tailored solution for the customer.

Staying ahead of the competition with automation

Over the years, automations have evolved significantly, increasing their performance and adding more features. Prima Power has constantly worked to upgrade obsolete products with new features and offer similar performance to new machines.

When a customer has a need of increasing automation Prima Power can offer automation solutions for the existing machines as well. 

Existing Prima Power Night Train storage lifetime can be extended as well with the modernization solutions.

Advantages of automation upgrades:

  • New server PC with up to date OS 
  • Possibility to connect new machines
  • New Tulus Storage Software
  • Smaller investment compared to the new automation
  • Sustainable investment (old steel structures can be re-used)

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