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An aging population and longer life expectancy have led to the demand for orthopedic implants and hip replacements at a steadily increasing rate.

This knowledge has enabled orthopaedic implant manufacturers to implement flexible, highly consistent, and precise manufacturing processes for the welding and cutting of 3D orthopaedic parts.

The production of metallic components in this sector is characterised by medium or thick material, by medium or large parts, by low volume batches and high flexibility. There is also a wide use of stainless steel and other materials that comply with the regulations governing this sector.  Our machines offer the best in this complexity by meeting needs in a timely and, most importantly, customized manner.​​


Our machines produce components that meet the standards established by the regulations.


We customize our machines to your actual needs.


We have a system for every single need, according to your individual requirements.


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Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the most widespread, especially among small and medium-sized businesses, as they allow extreme flexibility as well as an excellent cost efficiency ratio.

Our 2D and 3D laser machines are used to cut material of any type, gauge (guards or structural components) and shape profitably and with high-quality results. Also suitable for high reflective metals.

Our combined punching-shearing systems allow for maximum flexibility and productivity with exceptional material savings.

Our panel benders are widely used for manufacturing metal furniture components because they suit the part dimensions, gauge, volumes and batches typical of this sector. They guarantee high bending precision, repeatability, and exceptional execution of complex bending profiles.

Our PSBB (short for punching, right angle shearing, buffering and bending) is a fully automated manufacturing line for processing raw sheets from packs or directly from coils into fully processed, high quality finished components. The PSBB line is the perfect solution for the production of parts, even the most complex ones, starting from a wide range of materials that can be changed automatically based on programming.

The flexibility of the punch-laser combination is a winning feature when you require different processing technologies.

Our wide range of services can be tailored to your specific needs and ensures maximum productivity.

Prima Power systems are designed and developed to maximise your profits while minimising the impact on the environment with the "Green Means" approach.

Application examples

Behind each component there is a Prima Power machine

  • Modular metallic walls, roofs and doors
  • Metallic furniture
  • Metallic panels and shelving
  • Medical frames and panels
  • Medical equipment structural components and panels

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