Less energy required and lower environmental impact.



High productivity due to reduced cycle times and higher process reliability.



Capable of meeting any production need, with a variety of possible configurations to meet different products.



Easy to install, use and maintain.


With more than 20 years of experience in applying servo electronics in sheet metal working, eP-series press brakes meet the requirements of the most exigent customers for the machining of medium-thin metal sheets. 

This is the reason why Prima Power eP-series is the optimal solution for manufacturers of HVAC, metal furnitures, white goods and domestic appliances, facades, electrical cabinets and all those applications that need a fast and accurate machine to increase the productivity. 

The servo-electric concept combines productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability with high respect to ecological aspects – we call this concept “Green Means®”.

The concept offers you both sustainability and manufacturing efficiency and productivity. It means greater versatility, lower power consumption, less maintenance and no oil to purchase or to get rid of. In addition, easy programming and outstanding accuracy eliminate waste production. You simply make better sheet metal components at lower cost.

The eP-Press features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration and fast response times of the servo-electric drive system. 

Compared to conventional press brakes, considerable productivity increase can be reached thanks to reduction of cycle times by up to 30% and more.

Working speed is programmable to ensure bending is made without loss of product quality or operator safety.

Lazer Safe IRIS System provides safe high speed by closing down almost at the metal sheet level.

From 55 ton to 200 ton

From 2000 mm to 4000 mm

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