Remote Care

Prima Power offers customers a pioneering technology: Remote Care. With Prima Power's Remote Care service, any unexpected alarms can be diagnosed and repaired remotely. And in case an on-site technician is needed, the cause of the problem will be known in advance.  

When customer's machine is stopped, with remote monitoring tools it is possible to speed up troubleshooting and make sure that your machine is again up and running. We do our best to ensure machine performance and prevent losses of revenue for our customers. 

The remote monitoring system collects continuously machine data, records operation history, as well as logs data of component usage and alarms and stores it in Prima Power database, without collecting specific data about the production.

Augumented reality: innovative remote assistance

Augmented Reality remote assistance - effective and immediate support

The customer's technicians, equipped with smartphones or tablets, can communicate remotely and share video images in real time with our experts.

Our technicians can observe the problem directly on the customer's machine, accurately diagnose the problem and give clear instructions to the field technician, even by inserting drawings and notes directly on the shared images. This service ensures a rapid recovery of production and avoids unnecessary travel expenses.

Mixed reality assistance: virtual view

Technological glasses which allow physical reality to interact with holograms. Thanks to proprietary applications loaded on these glasses, Prima Power applies the enormous potential of mixed reality to remote assisted training and maintenance activities.

Technicians, with their hands free to operate on the machine, can be supported during training or maintenance remotely in an environment rich in information, such as digital manuals or 3D models and animations for assembly instructions and replacement of parts.

War room  

A fully equipped room with monitors to show all important KPIs and operational activities:​​​

  • Complex cases
  • MTBF per each machine model
  • Service engineers geographical distribution for technological skills
  • alert management for predictive maintenance

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