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Prima Power punching machines offer state-of-the art in servo-electric punching technology, but if you want to increase the versatility and productivity of your production, you can choose either a punch-shear or a punch-laser combination machine.

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Prima Power Punching machines offer state-of-the-art servo-electric punching technology, based on pioneering experience, in an eminently flexible package. The genius of servo-electric punching is how it combines energy-saving and ergonomics with superb accuracy and productivity. And by using special tools, also forming, marking and tapping is possible.

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The vast majority of all fabricated sheet metal components are rectangular, so a highly economical method to produce them is to perform first punching and then shear the components loose in the same automatic process with an integrated right angle shear. Also, parts with two or three straight edges are perfect for fabrication with a right angle shear. The punching and shearing concept saves material, decreases necessary floor space and investment in separate machine tools, tooling and energy

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Punching + Laser cutting = Superior manufacturing economy

Prima Power Combi machines have a small footprint yet offering productivity, operation convenience and compatibility with a number of automation solutions. With Prima Power combi-lasers you can achieve high quality and produce even the most complex parts by utilizing both fiber laser cutting and punching technology where they suit the best.

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