At LASERDYNE, we prioritize our customers' success throughout the entire lifecycle of our machines. From purchase to the end, we are dedicated to supporting them through challenges such as workforce reductions and ensuring machine availability and future preparedness. We invest additional resources in enhancing the LASERDYNE Application Group™ to facilitate seamless progress in customer-specific projects and resolve production challenges, promoting continuous improvements.

The LASERDYNE Application Group meticulously examines the metallurgical outcomes of laser welding, drilling, and cutting processes. Through thorough inspection of micrographs of the workpiece, our team ensures that the results not only meet but surpass specified requirements.

In line with our commitment to technology and innovation, Prima Power LASERDYNE is actively working to streamline Laser Application Development, minimizing the time and energy required. Our comprehensive services include:

• Develop laser processes for welding, drilling, and cutting

• Create part programs for LASERDYNE systems

• Test laser processing coupons and inspect micrographs

• Design efficient workpiece fixturing with quality checks

• Review and optimize existing programs

• Conduct Design of Experiments for materials and processes precision

• Explore laser applications on non-traditional materials

• Analyze and implement improvements for optimized performance in existing processes

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Drilling 101,
Cutting 101.


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