Our philosophy is to monitor machine condition in order to save your time and money. The list of maintenance tasks is updated using the information we collect from the machine base. 

All our service agreements allow customers to rely on maintenance performed according to the latest information. This will make the total cost of ownership most economical.

A service agreement is the preferred way to take care of the machine life cycle. It is the best way to ensure that the maintenance program of the machine is followed and the risk of an unscheduled production stop is minimized.

Software care

Full protection for a complete peace of mind

On the basis of customer experience and best practices, we advise our customers to request comprehensive maintenance support for both mechanical parts of the machine and software applications to stay one step ahead of the competition and put total confidence in production efficiency. With the Machine Care and Software Care services, you get a hassle-free end-to-end protection and can keep a tab on your maintenance expenditure, preventing the unexpected costs. The software maintenance services that Prima Power offers have affordable pricing, and you can get a quote for your specific needs and hear more about customer success stories by reaching one of our experts.

What is covered by Software Care?

Prima Power software maintenance agreement covers machine PC, storage software and office software.

Software Care benefits

  • Service support during regular office hours (8 hours / day)
  • Phone support
  • Remote desktop support
  • Service request upload
  • Bug fixes
  • Critical Issue solving / hot fixes
  • Perfective updates / new features in CAM & Tulus software*
  • Software updates by Prima Power**

*Maximum 40 work hours

**Except for CAM software, where updates are done by a customer

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