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Given the variety of product models available that can be made in every shape, size, and design, there is a growing need to tailor products specifically to the needs of the customer. In addition, the growing trend of simplifying the daily user’s life with smart phone level technology being applied also to white goods, translates to a greater variety of functions and customisations. Without a doubt, highly flexible and dynamic systems are needed that also meet the highest aesthetic standards. Traditionally, stainless steel is used because it pairs long lasting quality with low maintenance. The combined need for top quality and short delivery times thus requires ultra-modern manufacturing tools.

Our products are typically used to manufacture refrigerator doors and panels, ovens and cookers, sinks, kitchen hoods, cabinets, commercial kitchens, buffet systems, self-service systems for hotels and canteens, and stoves.

Our machines are designed to perfectly respond to the characteristics of this sector: large volume batches, high productivity and a growing demand for automation. Another distinctive feature is the variety of production of products with various shapes, designs and customisations.

Part thickness and dimensions can vary from medium to small and the processed components have high aesthetic standards, which require the use of stainless steels which are pre-painted, Super Mirror etc.


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Our systems offer great flexibility in every process. This allows easy customisation of finished products and greater freedom in creating designer products without compromising productivity:

- punching machines with high capacity tool turrets reduce set-up times

- combined punching/shearing or punching/laser systems give the best of both processes in a single machine

- 2D and 3D laser machines with the great intrinsic versatility of the laser in terms of shapes, profiles and material thicknes

- ability to perform complex bending profiles

Our systems guarantee high precision and repeatability in punching, shearing, bending and laser cutting, as well as an excellent surface quality of the finished component.

Our combined punching right angle shearing systems are particularly efficient for producing square or rectangular shaped components.

Our wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bending machines cover all your bending needs in terms of flexibility, productivity, profile complexity and material thickness.

We are well aware that the geometries of domestic appliances are becoming more and more complex. This means laser, with its unrivalled versatility, is the most suitable tool to meet these new design requirements. Our range of flat bed laser machines and combined punching-laser systems is one of the most vast and includes both fibre and CO2 laser technologies.

We can provide you with various levels of automation, including the most sophisticated and factory-wide flexible manufacturing systems to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Our automation modules can be integrated gradually, according to your current and future needs.

Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to improved productivity and higher profit.

All our systems are designed and developed based on the Green Means concept: they are productive and eco-sustainable at the same time.

Application examples

Behind each component is a Prima Power machine

  • doors and panels for refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers
  • kitchen hobs
  • kitchen hoods

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