Excellent bending quality thanks to the corner correction database and servo-electric technology.



Suitable for bending various types of pieces.


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The additional monitor and barcode or QR reader all support the operator in machine interaction.



3D programming with integrated simulation of the bending cycle.


Prima Power’s Fast Bend is an intermediate product between the traditional press brake machine and the automatic panel bender. It allows the automatic creation of multiple bends for each side, including positive / negative inversion, flattened and radius bends; only the loading, rotation and unloading operations are manual. The traditional concept of panel bender manipulators is replaced here with a suction cup feeder to expand the range of bending products. Fast Bend offers a quick and efficient response to an ever-increasing demand for the reduction in the quantity of pieces of the production batch, combining the simplicity of use of a compact model with a limited expense.





Maximum bending length

2,250 mm

2,750 mm

3,350 mm

Maximum sheet length

2,850 mm

3,000 mm

3,800 mm

Maximum sheet width

1,700 mm

Maximum bend height

204 mm

Maximum re-entering bend

55 mm

Bending force

32t (320kN)

41t (410kN)

Clamping force

52t (510kN)

90t (890kN)

100t (980kN)

Max. thickness, Steel UTS 410 N/mm2

3.0 mm

3.2 mm

3.0 mm*

3.2 mm**

Max. thickness, Stainless steel UTS 680 N/mm2

2.0 mm

2.2 mm

2.0 mm*

2.2 mm**

Max. thickness, Aluminium UTS 265 N/mm2

4.0 mm

4.0 mm

3.5 mm*

4.0 mm**

Minimum thickness

0.5 mm

Average absorbed power

4 kWh

5 kWh


The values shown refer to a standard machine. Prima Power reserves the right to change data without notice.

*Full length - **Max. 3,000 mm

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