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Part Library

Tool Management

Tulus® Bend is a machine user interface which controls machine operation that belongs to Tulus® software tool family, dedicated to panel bender machines.

It manages the panel bender HMI functionalities such as machine status, axis position, manual movements.

Task List

Tulus® Bend works by task list; each task manages a part to be bent. Parts are organized by archive; special functions allow part checking and modifying bending parameters. Tulus® Bend automatically compares current tools on board with the configuration set during machine setup. While the operator is making panel bender tooling and parts graphic check, Tulus® Bend guides him in an easy and contextual way by highlighting the buttons or the flow needed (Upper Tool, ASP, AUT, Positioning Pins, Manipulator and Options). Also the tool library is managed. Tulus® Bend shows machine status, alarms, axis coordinates, inputs, etc. for complete diagnostic purposes.

Tulus® manages the panel bender production queue, both in standalone and connected machines. 

Part archive management
With Tulus® it is possible to verify geometry of the part in 3D graphic view and apply its technological properties. 


Tulus® manages the panel bender tools for a fast setting and a precise comparison between the tools on the machine and the ones configured. 

Panel bender tooling and part graphic check assisting the

operator (upper tool, ASP, AUT, Centering Positioning Pins,

Manipulator and options)

Bending corrections

Part functions for checking and applying bending parameter corrections

Machine Status

Visualized online machine status, alarms, axis coordinates,

inputs, etc. for complete diagnosis


With Tulus® it is easy to verify the bending parameters of the part and apply corrections automatically from the database or manually by the operator.

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