Reduced downtime and additional costs

Easy and safe part program changes

Operate at machine on Board

Zero training

Product of the technological collaboration between Libellula and Prima Power, 2D Editor is a 2D Graphic editor of partprogram that allows the operator to intervene on the machine’s partprogram on board.

It may happen, due to an error in setting the input data, partprogram  contains imprecisions or inaccuracies that can be noticed by the machine operator in the workshop.

It brings to the machine downtime and additional costs, because in this case the part program should be corrected by Design Office and the machine should be reprogrammed.

The advanced functions of 2D Editor :

- File import for 2D Laser machine Prima Power to recreate nesting and technologies

- Modification of nesting e technologies

- Modification of lead-in by size and parameters

- Modification of microjoints: to add, to remove, variation of gap

- Modification of cutting sequence

- Work cancellation

- Cutting simulation

- Saving of the modified work and creation of the new file machine Laser 2D Prima Power

Easy and safe 

2D Editor is designed to be used without problems for the machine operator


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