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3D Graphic editing

Reduced downtime and additional costs

ThreeDEditor, the 3D graphic editor of a partprogram, made for Prima Industrie 3D Laser machines.

It displays, starting from a machine part-program, the working paths, and allows changes and the simulation of the part-program and it generates a new part-program with the applied changes.

The ThreeDEditor runs at machine’s console of the 3DLaser Prima Power machine.


  • model of the machine and its Laser head
  • working paths
  • allowed commands
  • program listing


The editing operations with dedicated panel are applied to an instruction or to a set of instructions of the program list

Editing the technology

          Selection of other set of parameter or other piercing type.

Editing the geometry macros

Editing of the typical parameters of the macro (ex. radius of a hole, number sides of a polygon, etc…).

The display of the  geometry is updated at each change: the original shape and the changed are displayed at the same time.

Editing the working path

- to delete one or more instructions 

- to change the position of axes A and/or B of the head in a single movement or in a group of instructions.

Working Path simulation

To simulate the changed part-program before possible saving

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