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Mixed metals is now a trend in catering interior design: there are multiple possibilities for matching shades and the luminous effect of metals will certainly play an increasing role in functional and furnishing projects.

In addition to this trend towards the modularity of furnishings, a key factor will be the innovation by manufacturers to propose new self-cleaning or antibacterial materials where metal, the hygienic material par excellence, will play a leading role because it is versatile and does not require special cleaning or maintenance.

This sector is characterised by high productivity, often by a wide range of components in small volume batches (various shapes, designs and many custom parts).

Typical pieces are small to medium thickness and are mainly made of stainless steel and other materials that comply with regulations on the treatment, conservation and sale of food.

The ability to process materials with high aesthetic requirements (e.g. pre-painted stainless steel and super mirror) is another important prerequisite, alongside the ability to process even larger sheets.

In addition, this sector is characterised by a growing demand for highly automated material flow management systems.


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Our systems offer great flexibility in every process. This allows easy customisation of finished products and greater freedom in creating designer products without compromising productivity:

- punching machines with high capacity tool turrets reduce set-up times

- combined punching/shearing or punching/laser systems give the best of both processes in a single machine

- 2D and 3D laser machines with the great versatility of the laser in terms of shapes, profiles and material thickness

- ability to perform complex bending profiles

Our systems guarantee high precision and repeatability in punching, shearing, bending and laser cutting, as well as an excellent surface quality of the finished component.

Our combined punching right angle shearing systems are particularly efficient for producing square or rectangular shaped components.

Our wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bending machines cover all your bending needs in terms of flexibility, productivity, profile complexity and material thickness.

The geometries of household appliances are becoming increasingly complex. Thanks to its unrivalled versatility, the laser is the most suitable tool to meet the latest design needs. Our range of flat bed laser machines and combined punching-laser systems is one of the most vast and includes both fibre and CO2 laser technologies.

We provide various levels of automation, including the most sophisticated and factory-wide flexible manufacturing systems to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Our automation modules can be integrated gradually, according to your current and future needs.

Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to improved productivity and higher profit.

All our systems are designed and developed based on the Green Means concept: they are productive and eco-sustainable at the same time.

Application examples

Behind each component is a Prima Power machine

  • Kitchens and ovens
  • Refrigerating systems
  • Serve over counters
  • Refrigeration cells
  • Vertical and horizontal freezers
  • Food and beverage dispensers
  • Checkout counters

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