Excellent bending quality thanks to the angle correction database and servo-electric technology.



The LUT table allows you to load the next part in masked time while the panel bender processes the current sheet to be machined.



Easy manual loading allows you to process batches of any size, including kits and single parts.



3D programming with integrated simulation of the bending cycle.


The BCe bending centre from Prima Power offers the ideal solution for those working with single parts, small batches or mass production. This panel bender combines the well-known benefits of the Express Bender - flexibility, precision and high quality - with a semi-automatic yet highly productive process, where the machine is always in production thanks to the LUT loading and unloading table that allows you to load and unload pieces in masked time.







Maximum bending length

2,250 mm

2,750 mm

Maximum sheet length

2,850 mm

Maximum sheet width

1,500 mm

Maximum panel diagonal

3,000 mm

Maximum bend height

204 mm

264 mm

Maximum re-entering bend

55 mm

Bending force

32t (320kN)

41t (410kN)

Clamping force

52t (510kN)

90t (890kN)

Max. thickness, Steel UTS 410 N/mm2

3.0 mm

3.2 mm

Max. thickness, Stainless steel UTS 680 N/mm2

2.0 mm

2.2 mm

Max. thickness, Aluminium UTS 265 N/mm2

4.0 mm

4.0 mm

Minimum thickness

0.5 mm

Average absorbed power

6.5 kWh

The values shown refer to a standard machine. Prima Power reserves the right to change data without notice.

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