Drastic reduction of machine down time

Reduced programming time

Quicker machine set-up

Less scraps due to an accurate flat pattern calculation

Elimination of potential manufacturing problems

Optimization of the production with smart and highly visual interface

Shorter cycle times.

The BendSim Complete version allows to import 2D dxf files as well as to draw 3D parts. BendSim Complete is a unique software that includes different functions:

  • BendSim Unfold
  • 3D Designer.
  • AutoPol Simulator.

BendSim Unfold is a software for calculation of flat-patterns from 3D models created in 3D CAM systems. 3D models can be imported in SAT, Step or Iges formats. Optional translator packages are available for other file formats. 

AutoPol bend allowance algorithm is used to calculate unfolding patterns. At this stage, the bending tools are taken into account to get radii and this calculates correct unfolding dimensions.

The 2D unfold pattern, which is correctly dimensioned, can be exported as a dxf file to be used in programming punching and cutting machines.

AutoPol 3D Designer is a software for design and unfolding of basic 3D sheet metal models.

AutoPol Simulator with full covering CAM functionalities is a modern 3D software solution for offline programming of press brakes, thus giving many advantages regarding productivity and economy.

AutoPol bend simulator includes:

  • Collision detection
  • Automatic and manual bend sequencing
  • Automatic and manual tool selection and set-up 
  • Automatic back gauge position calculation and advanced editing possibilities
  • NC-code and documentation creation (PDF format).

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