Production Planning 

Controlling Machine capacity

Monitor machine status and task list

Factory in one view

Remote working allowed

Tulus® Office is a tool suite, BASIC, CLASSIC, PREMIUM, for work planning and controlling the machine capacity. It is possible to follow up several machine statuses and task lists and also utilize full featured production planning and customer database functions.

With Tulus® Office software you can monitor the machine status and task list. It is possible to see what is going on with all the machines in the factory in one view.

Tulus® Office Basic

  • Status view
  • Machine load calendar 
  • Editing the active task list
  • Storage view (in case of connected storage)
  • Lite version of ERP interface f.e. material usage and finished parts
  • Optional Tulus Analytics

for :

  • Production planning
  • Following up machine states
  • Constant production

Tulus® Office Classic

Same features as in Tulus Office Basic PLUS

  •  Two way ERP interface
  •  Assembly orders
  •  Order status follow-up
  • Machine data reporting

for :

  • Production with standard products and static nests
  • Ordering assemblies from ERP
  • Reporting finished orders back to ERP

Tulus® Office Premium

Same features as in Tulus®  Office Classic , plus

  • Dynamic nesting 
  • Parametric production from ERP order
  • Part import with unfolding of 3d-model
  • Pull and push controlled production
  • Filler parts, urgent parts, pre-tooled and automatically tooled parts
  • Routing / Terminals


  • Constantly variating mass production
  • Fast programming with “produce and forget”–type of production
  • Parametric production 
  • Better sheet utilization with Kanban style suction controlled parts

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