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Less man hours and more machine hours through unmanned operation


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Practically zero time for setup changes – fast, automatic change from one product to another


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Shorter lead time for product changes and new products


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High and even component quality


Prima Power’s automated storage solution Night Train FMS® is leading technology in automated flexible manufacturing. Low profile crane and shelf structure offer excellent storage capacity with a smaller footprint.

Trains don’t stop for the night – why should your production?

Night Train FMS® automates the material and information systems of a facility and combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process. Systems are customized using the wide Prima Power range of high-performance machine tools, integrated cells, automatic material handling solutions and software. Due to the wide range, the right solution can be found for every application and all system sizes. Night Train storage solution can serve both as a material storage and as a buffer storage for parts.

Prima Power’s SYSTEM technology provides flexibility beyond our own range of machines and cells. The standard Prima Power interface also allows the integration of other suppliers’ machines in the system.



  • Automatic information flow from programming to production reporting,
  • An integrated production system, reducing the whole fabrication process into a single one,
  • Automatic manufacturing stages,
  • Automatic material handling including intelligent buffering,
  • Minimum manufacturing time, and maximum production time

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