Saves space from the factory & provides higher productivity



Automatic material flow and large storage capacity 



Perfect solution for lights-out production


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One or two shelving units, Storing capacity according to production demands


Combo Tower is a flexible storage solution for automating the material flow. It makes different materials available whenever needed automatically and without delays; it can also serve as intermediate storage for ready components and as a buffer.

Combo Tower is a modern solution to free space from the factory floor and it simplifies factory sheet metal logistics. Materials are directly in the correct place when they are stored in the Combo Tower. The storage automatically provides needed material for machine cells.

There can be one or two shelving units in the Combo Tower storage and height can be chosen according to needs. Up to three machines or cells can be integrated in the system. The Combo Tower storage crane has a dual function: handling sheet stacks on cassettes and loading individual sheets.

Machining cells and manual work stations are located around the storage. The automated material handling and storage capacity of the automatic storage enables long unmanned operating cycles.

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