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Automatic material flow and large storage capacity



Saves space from the factory & provides higher productivity




Integrated loading & unloading for 2D Lasers



Perfect solution for lights-out production


Combo Tower Laser is a flexible storage system with integrated loading and unloading features for 2D lasers.

Combo Tower Laser is a key module to automate material flow. It makes different materials available whenever needed automatically and without delays; it can also serve as intermediate storage for ready cut components along with skeleton. Combo Tower Laser shelving unit structure releases space from the factory floor and increases production productivity. Integrated loading & unloading ensures a compact layout.  

Combo Tower Laser also provides an optimal solution for lights-out production as capacity of available raw materials and unloading positions for skeletons can meet production requirements.

There can be one or two shelving units in the Combo Tower Laser and the height can be chosen according to needs. Model with one shelving unit is designed to serve one 2D laser.

When two shelving units are included in the Combo Tower Laser a second machine cell can be integrated as part of the system; depending on the required work stages and techniques, these can be selected from the wide range of Prima Power solutions for punching, laser cutting, integrated punching / shearing and punching / laser cutting.

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