Fast and dynamic processing


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Precise sorting of processed parts



Suitable for several machine configurations



Suitable for unmanned production


Sorting unit SU sorting unit can be installed to extend the part sorting addresses.

Sheared parts can be sorted to boxes and/or EUR pallets.

Two EUR pallets moving next to the RS table, under first sorting address


Sorting unit SU_P is a device that moves three EUR pallets with a chain construction. EUR pallet can have collars or it is possible to use with boxes. The unit is used to sort parts coming from the work chute of the machine directly to pallets. SU is a perfect low-cost solution for small part sorting automation.


Sorting unit SU_L is device that moves three EUR-pallets with two chain construction. EUR pallet can have collars or is possible to use sorting boxes. The maximum height of collars or sorting boxes is 355mm.


Sorting unit SU-C is located under the C1500 conveyor. It has three EUR pallets on top of the device. Pallets can be divided in two sections to make six sorting addresses. Smaller boxes or pallets can be used for sorting the parts.


  • Automatic sorting
  • Process efficiency

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