Loading, unloading, picking, sorting, and stacking of sheets and parts, suitable for unmanned process



Robot assist last cut function


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Servo drive motion system ensures extremely accurate stacking



Safe and reliable part picking


The loading, unloading and stacking robot LSR is a material and part handling robot for laser-punch combined machines. LSR loads sheets to the machine and stacks finished work pieces onto stacking pallets. LSR offers accurate and process efficient operation for material handling.

The robot gripper has several suction areas, each can be controlled separately. Due to the servo drive motion system of the stacking is extremely accurate.

To increase the process reliability of picking laser cut parts the Robot Assisted Last Cut technology RALC was developed. During the last cut, the machine and the robot will make simultaneous and synchronized axis movements ensuring safe and reliable part picking.

  • The programmable gripper increases the stacking flexibility 
  • Robot Assisted Last Cut technology ensures reliable cut part picking
  • Safe and easy-to-use

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