Automatic material flow



High level of automation and customization for maximum productivity



Reduced handling operations of raw and semi-finished materials



Safe and easy-to-use


Prima Power’s EBe Express Bender is a servo-electric panel bender with fully automated operation cycle from the loading of the flat parts to unloading of bent components. Prima Power machines can be directly connected to the Express Bender by a conveyor or a PCD device.  

The direct connection conveyor, called DDC, positions the parts coming from a punching or shearing machine before the bending process. It is called “direct connection” because, after the shearing, parts are directly addressed to the bending process. The PCD is a multipurpose device and is an alternative with greater automation. It allows the material flow from different sources to the bending process.

Parts coming from direct connection are positioned by PCD in order to be ready to be picked up by the EBe loading gripper.

  • Fast process flow to bending
  • Additional safety solution
  • Easy to operate with Tulus® software

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