Cost-effective Loading/Unloading system



Extremely compact and ecological



Suitable for short periods of unattended production



Safe and easy-to-use


Compact Server is a loading and unloading device for handling blanks and processed sheets. Compact Server consists of two storage units – one for blanks and one for processed sheets. It also has the smallest footprint of our loading and unloading devices.

Compact Server has virtually no footprint. All its components are in fact over the automatic pallet exchanger and consequently require no additional floorspace. The benefits of this solutions are: reliability, compactness, ease of management of the loading / unloading operations.


  • The loading / unloading system is directly controlled by the machine CNC. 
  • The shelves are easily accessible for the loading / unloading operations.
  • A system composed of mobile vacuum cups and an air blow makes the lifting of the single sheet (up to 3 mm) from the stack easier. 
  • A magnet allows an easier separation of the ferromagnetic sheets (mild steel).
  • A double thickness gauge verifies the lifting of one sheet at a time.

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