Less material is needed for same production



Coil material is more economical to purchase



High volume production



Machine availability for other work increases


Cut-to-length technology provides high productivity and flexibility: one person operates the coil handling system, less warehouse space needed, high operating speed and always optimal sheet length is used for nesting.

With the cut-to-length line the sheet size is always ”standard” and optimal for NC Express coil nesting. There is no need to stock multiple sheet sizes, meaning remarkable savings in material inventory value. Also there is no need to filler parts to optimize the material usage, bringing savings in part inventory value.

Cut-to-length gives savings in production time: less punching and shearing and less scrap material. The operating time of the machine is used on the manufacture of parts that have value.

- More value adding process time

- Remarkable savings in production time, money and material

- High utilization of material

- Less scrap and waste


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