SUNSEA AIOT has made significant investments in the Zhuhai smart factory with the aim of setting a new standard for smart factories in China. 

In 2020, SUNSEA AIOT Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the world’s first AIoT innovator, decided to invest hundreds of millions of RMB in a world-class smart factory for the production of ICT infrastructure equipment and other smart device products in its Zhuhai subsidiary.

The smart factory’s sheet metal production line incorporates several automated and intelligent functions, including automatic feeding, material pickup, punching and shearing, transfer, flap operation, caching, bending, inspection, validation, stacking, scrap collection, and pre-alarm systems. 

They have been Prima Power’s loyal customer for over two decades, having purchased three generations of their equipment that has consistently delivered stable performance across our factories in various cities. 

Therefore, when designing the Zhuhai smart factory, we opted for Prima Power’s cutting-edge sheet metal equipment, including their latest punching and shearing machines which are integrated with automatic loading equipment (LD) and unmanned production systems, as well as the high-speed transfer, punching, and stacking to different locations enabled by the automatic stacking system (STS).”

The EBe series of servo-electric driven bending centers offers a high level of automation and customization, while the Combo Tower provides flexible material handling capabilities and serves as an intermediate storage unit for prepared components. 

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