Discover the New Shear Genius EVO Sustainable Power

Shear Genius, the combined punchshear system and the ideal blanking solution for rectangular parts and panels, has further evolved.
The new Shear Genius EVO achieves significantly higher output and lower cost per part, meaning far more sustainable fabrication.


The main benefit of the Shear Genius EVO is undoubtedly its considerably higher production capacity.

When the machine is integrated into a PSBB manufacturing line for the production of big panels such as door leaves and elevator panels, the productivity is even doubled.

This impressive improvement is made possible by the new sheet edge measurement device, which allows for highly efficient part nesting, shorter process time, and increased sheet utilization; and the clamp strip destroyer, which removes the last part from the table in the blink of an eye, greatly reducing the loading time of the next sheet. 

Shear Genius EVO - The heart of the System



The core element of the machine remains its servo-electric technology, which allows for sustainable manufacturing through reduced energy consumption, no oil use, and raw material savings. All this is in line with Prima Power’s strong commitment to balance high productivity with low impact on the planet; an objective that has been epitomized in our Green Means© concept.

The shearing process is the most reliable method for separating parts from the sheet. When blades are down, it is 100% certain that the parts released are of high quality, making this technology a key factor for unmanned lights-out production.

The Shear Genius EVO integrates multiple work stages into one and can be easily connected to automation systems in order to automatize the materials and parts flow and further increase output.

With these improvements, the new Shear Genius EVO is now inevitably the world’s most productive, sustainable manufacturing method for rectangular panels and components.

Prima Power Punch and Shearing combined technology

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