Compared to most animals, human beings seem like the perfect prey. Slow in running and swimming, unable to fly or hold their breath long underwater, covered with delicate skin and devoid of natural weapons, this species is so defenseless it seems destined for rapid extinction like the dodo, the aurochs, and the tarpan. Contrary to all expectations, however, the human species has become the most successful living being in the history of the planet. Hostile, dangerous, and hidden environments have not stopped its advance; there is no corner of the world that has not been colonized or at least visited by this stubborn beast. And starting on April 12, 1961, with the first voyage of the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, it began to colonize the rest of space.

If not its physical capability to prevail, then what was the single competitive advantage that made the human species “unbeatable”?

There can be little doubt that the answer is a complex, articulate language. By communicating, recounting, exchanging information, negotiating, and sharing experiences, human beings learned to work as a team, creating synergies that multiplied the strength of the group.

Thus, they were able to make the most of individuals’ characteristics and knowledge, generating a continuous flow of learning, evaluation, and reaction that far exceeds the sum of the strengths of the individuals. The same thing is true for machines, which, linked together by intelligent software that makes them “talk”, can form intelligent systems capable of dividing tasks, exploiting specializations, and sharing data and forecasts.



The Tower of Babel episode describes how the only way to block a huge undertaking is to confuse the language of the people involved. Unable to communicate, they lose their way.

For this reason, we constantly work to build a common language with our collaborators, our suppliers, and above all, our customers around the world. Doing so is a way to manage a team as large as our business, so that everyone can always contribute to doing business on a grander scale.

Industrial challenges are no different either, as the very high complexity of technologies, production planning, investment optimization, and cost containment make it impossible for one person to manage a business alone. It is necessary to build experienced and involved teams to seize opportunities with the most suitable resources by combining experience, knowledge, instinct, and critical skills.



At Prima Power, teamwork is not only an essential principle, it is also — and above all — a concrete way of working. As a global player, the company recognizes the value of teamwork by establishing itself as a body capable of bringing together the best and most suitable tools for each challenge. All over the world, with every interlocutor we are committed to adopting a common language to advance our idea of industry. A language that is also a way of doing things. A way of dealing with difficulties and successes based on the principles of sharing, listening, comparing, paying attention to details—even those most rooted in the human soul the beauty and strength of ideas. However, teamwork is not and cannot be just a word, a principle, a good purpose. Team spirit must be built day by day through sharing industrial culture, respecting different points of view, mediating the inevitable contrasts, and working together to present a solution and not a problem.

Teamwork needs a protected, stimulating environment to be productive.

For this reason, the three key words, the three pillars, of the work that we want to continue to support are mutual trust, an open mind that breaks down prejudices, preconceptions, and habits, and an intense desire to participate, grow, and innovate.

The product family that best embodies this way of thinking is the System.

The ability to conceive, design, and build production lines in which many different Prima Power products intersect and work together— requires complex teamwork and the intense circulation of skills and knowledge, all related with different accents and in different cadences that ultimately compete to achieve the same objectives of quality, efficiency,  sustainability, and innovation. Here too, the keystone of a production system is its intelligence, the “thought”, in this case represented by the software, that is able to understand the context, deploy the right forces for each task, and guide actions in the most effective way possible.

Prima Power Finland team welcoming guests



At the start of 2020, the industry seemed firmly on a steady path of innovation and improvement. Technology, digitalization, and globalization seemed sufficient tools to face increasingly complex challenges such as those of sustainable and fruitful growth. Instead, 2020 will be remembered for a long time due to a global pandemic that violently shuffled the cards of a game that had seemed unassailable. Everything and everyone have been touched by it, and with dramatic effects. Covid-19 now figures in the planning of governments, international organizations, businesses, communities, families, and individuals.

We have all had to deal with it. What seemed simple has suddenly become complicated, sometimes impossible.

Relationships, contacts, and collaborations have suffered a sudden and apparently irremediable slowdown. We can no longer shake hands. We can no longer meet, we can no longer compare. What will become of our teamwork?

And so after a moment of understandable displacement and difficulty with the planet’s plunging into a pandemic, Prima Power quickly revised and adapted its way of working to preserve the team spirit that has always distinguished us and in which our heritage of ideas and solutions resides.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies and our colleagues’ spirit of adaptation, we have begun to plan, confront, and assist our customers with equal effectiveness, discovering and exploiting new opportunities, and unexpected avenues.

New assistance systems have been developed to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and augmented reality; Prima@Home platform webinars, conferences, product launches were born, thanks to one of those insights that make you ready for the worst scenarios.

The nucleus of Prima@Home, created to optimize the global launch of the new Prima Power products, has rapidly developed into a real interactive platform that allows being connected with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Prima Power Team after 2020 virtual open house



This new way of working and collaborating is a constant challenge that forces us not to let our guard down in finding new solutions, adapting, and reacting to obstacles with speed and precision. Herein lies the great value of teamwork: challenges and difficulties can be faced by working in synergy with different sensitivities, experiences, and approaches: a way of collaborating that helps to find solutions that would be surprising and unthinkable to one person working alone.

In a time when social distance needs to be increased, it is necessary to be able to provide ideas and intuition. These are the contributions that each of us is able to make, not so much to the reconstruction of the world and industry as they were, but to the construction of a new conception of business, relationships, production and sustainability. We, all together, are not afraid of what we will remember as the greatest challenge of our lives.


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