Vacuum Technology Inc. - a customer story from the USA

High-Tech manufacturer chooses Platino Fiber Laser

Vacuum technology is a company founded in 1986 in the city of Oak Ridge, TN. 
Started as a manufacturer of little gas bottles known as calibrated leaks—devices that emit tiny flow rates of gas, today it serves various fields such as: HVAC, automotive-component, U.S. government, battery, medical and other customers.

To meet the growing demand for precision laser cutting and complement its two waterjet cutting machines, late in 2019 VTI purchased a Platino 2.0 6-kW fiber laser cutting machine from Prima Power.

Benefits recognized by the VTI team include:
• Efficiency, which provides energy and maintenance savings
• Productivity, particularly on thin- and medium-gauge sheets
• Flexibility, making it suitable for work on a wide range of materials
• Reliability and capability to meet a variety of production needs through a diverse selection of automation modules
• Simplicity, making it simple to install, use and maintain.

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