Dunbarton Corporation - A costumer story from USA

Fabricator achieves higher productivity and accuracy with servo-electric technology.

Dunbarton Corp. has worked in the building products business for more than 70 years. The Dothan, Alabama, company produces steel closet doors.
In 2021, the company began a search to upgrade its older hydraulic press brakes.

They thad three main objectives in the search for a new press brake: cost effectiveness, machine capability and reliable machine maintenance. After speaking to many manufacturers, they chose Prima Power. They felt that Prima Power’s servo-electric eP-Press Brake offered the latest state-of-the-art technology for improved precision and accuracy.

The eP-1336 replaced two older hydraulic models. The transition has been completely flawless, the downtime and maintenance times have been cut. They experienced also the professionalism and reliability of the Prima Power service technicians. 

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