Laser Next is focused on the production of hot stamped steel components. It’s designed, developed, manufactured, and tested for this specific application.



First-class performance to grant lowest cycle times and excellent cutting quality.


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Two working envelope sizes available to process also big automotive parts like door rings.



Space saver, especially for multi-machine configuration. Easy and fast to install.


Automotive components manufacturers need highly specialized products for cutting stamped metal parts, capable of responding to their specific needs in terms of productivity and reliability. Prima Power Laser Next is the right solution in this industrial sector, designed for the massive production of automotive components in hot-stamped steel. 

Every single detail was studied and developed to maximize machine uptime. Maintenance was also cut down and simplified to reduce nonproductive times and the need of specialized resources dedicated to these activities.

Laser Next, the world’s fastest 3D laser machine, is available in two sizes (1,500x3,050 and 2,100x3000mm) to meet any automotive production needs. It grants very low cycle times and excellent Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Laser Next features a highly space efficient layout, both for stand-alone and multi-machine configuration. You can have up to three machines one next to the other connected to the same magnetic scrap conveyor, with no need of excavation works.
With the new EVO update, Laser Next is now even more reliable and productive, with a cycle time reduction of up to 10% on cutting hot-stamped steel parts cutting.

Fully automated solutions are available to fit the customers production flow.

The linear motors on main axes and direct motors with optical scales and on the focusing head allow superior dynamics, accuracy and reliability.

Synthetic granite frame with state-of the-art topology optimization methods grants, in fact, smooth and regular machine movements, even at the highest dynamics.

Laser Next is equipped with an high precision turntable with servo motor and absolute encoder. Designed to ensure the highest performance, reliability and safety.

The focusing head of Laser Next, well sealed and compact, is equipped with FPC (Focus Position Control)  and two anti-crash systems allow to prevent any damage. It also turns the cutting machine into a measuring one: Laser Next cutting nozzle can be used as a measuring tool to speed up the set-up time as well as to validate parts directly on the machine.

Work area
X 3,050 mm Y  1,530 mm / 2,100 mm  Z 612 mm
A 360° B ±135° C ±12 mm

Axis speed
X, Y, Z 120 m/min (trajectory 208 m/min)
A, B 1.5 rev/s

Pa, Ps 0.03 mm (VDI 3441)

Fiber laser source
3,000 W – 4,000 W

*The accuracy of the piece depends on its type, size and pre-treatment, and the conditions of application.

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